• Latest pics from JDJ 5

    2012-06-30 07:39:23

    Here are some unseen pics, stills from the episode to be telecast this weekend…..enjoy!!        

  • Latest pics from JDJ 5

    2012-06-30 07:32:13

    Enjoy some unseen pics from weekend 2 of Jhalak        

  • Fashionable Nails IV – Latest trends

    2012-06-30 06:25:49

    Trends for this season: 1)   Different shades of orange, green and blue are currently in vogue. 2)   The all time favorites are hot pink and blood red nail colors. These can be sported in all the seasons of the year. … Continue reading

  • Fashionable Nails III – Nail care for the common woman

    2012-06-30 06:09:24

    The requirements of a common woman as compared to a film-star are extremely different. When it comes to Madhuri Dixit, her nails are always taken care of, as every look needs a new nail color and a distinctive nail design. … Continue reading

  • Skin Care II

    2012-06-27 08:26:04

    After the cleanser, here are the next 2 steps to that flawless skin Step 2:Toner A toner must follow a cleanser. This helps in evening out the skin tone. A toner can drastically reduce pigmentation. Step 3:Moisturizer or sunscreen Once … Continue reading

  • Skin Care

    2012-06-26 07:35:19

    The first thing a person notices about you is your face. And we all know that first impression is the last impression. Hence, it is important that you take good care of your skin. Here is an outline of what … Continue reading

  • Hair Care II

    2012-06-26 06:15:39

    A)   Periodic must do’s: Just the shampoo and conditioning ritual is not enough. Some periodic treatments are essential too. Here are a few of them: a)   Oil therapy: Oiling your hair on a regular basis will help you restore the … Continue reading

  • Fashionable Nails-II

    2012-06-25 08:22:50

    I’m experimenting with nail art Madhuri says: Till now, I had not put much thought into what I could do with my nails. I would just apply a suitable nail polish and that was it. But now, I am experimenting … Continue reading

  • Devdas

    2012-06-22 09:28:27

    Trivia: This song was choreographed and composed by none other than Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji. Madhuri and the team  had to practice for 40 nights before the final shoot for this song.

  • Kathak…a true story

    2012-06-22 09:22:53

  • Kathak lesson with kids

    2012-06-22 09:20:35

    Madhuri and Dance are synonymous. Her association with dance goes all the way back when she was 3. Coming from a family with a bent towards Indian classical music and dance, she started learning Kathak at a wee age. Her … Continue reading

  • Fashionable Nails!!

    2012-06-22 08:57:08

    Nails are an important part of establishing the overall “look” of an actor. Up until a decade ago, Bollywood did not really care about how the hands and the feet of an actor looked. But today, things have changed drastically. … Continue reading

  • Hair Care

    2012-06-22 08:23:16

    It is every woman’s dream to have thick, strong, long and lustrous hair. Well, if you want it, you have to work for it. Here are some basics to help you get started. Basics of hair care: A)   Nutrition: The strength … Continue reading

  • More Pictures from Jhalak Dikhla Ja 5

    2012-06-13 05:24:36

    Here are some more exclusive pics from the JDJ 5 stable.

  • Pictures from Jhalak Dikhla Ja 5

    2012-06-12 06:46:01

    These are some exclusive pics from the recent unveiling of the contestants on Jhalak Dikhla Ja 5.  Judges Madhuri, Karan and Remo were present for this press conference along with all the contestants.