• JDJ 5 – Weekend 7

    2012-07-30 12:41:52

    Enjoy some pics from the past weekend of Jhalak  

  • Hair Care – Hair mousse, hair spray, hair gel…..

    2012-07-26 11:08:31

    For all that you wanted to know about the many hair care and styling products available. Hair Mousse What is it? A hair mouse is a hair styling product that is especially meant for people who want to add definition … Continue reading

  • Hair Care – Hair Serum

    2012-07-24 07:31:03

    Here’s all that you wanted to know about hair serums. What is it? A hair serum helps in drastically changing the appearance of the hair and plays an important part in making it more manageable. Who uses it? Anybody can … Continue reading

  • JDJ 5 – Madhuri and Tusshar on stage

    2012-07-23 11:02:35

    Tusshar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh were on Jhalak to promote their new film. Tusshar did a jig with one of the contestants Bharati and Savio on Naino Mein Sapna- one of Jeetendra’s famous tracks. Madhuri complimented Tushar by saying that … Continue reading

  • JDJ 5 – Weekend 6

    2012-07-23 10:50:56

    Here’s loads of pictures from the past weekend of Jhalak. Enjoy………  

  • Hair Care – Conditioners

    2012-07-17 11:40:20

    If you feel that your hair is not smooth or soft enough then what you need to recheck is your conditioner. The conditioner is what helps to moisturize the hair and keep the hair cuticle protected. a)    Normal rinse–out conditioner: … Continue reading

  • JDJ 5 – Weekend 5

    2012-07-16 11:50:46

    Madhuri joins the contestants on stage in Sunday’s episode. Here’s a pic of 2 interesting instances. Watch the space for more such updates every week   Gurmeet serenades Madhuri Madhuri joins Shibani on stage

  • JDJ 5 – Weekend 5

    2012-07-16 10:49:26

    Choicest pics from the past weekend of Jhalak.  

  • Hair Care – first step

    2012-07-13 08:26:32

    A Thousand Products… Almost every other woman on this planet feels completely at a loss when it comes to choosing hair products. Who can blame them? After all, there is such a huge variety available in the market today! To … Continue reading

  • JDJ 5 – Madhuri joins Giaa on stage

    2012-07-10 08:29:23

    With a well planned Kathak act in a Mujra setup, done by JDJ 5 contestant Giaa, Madhuri could not resist and had to come on stage to dance with her. Upon Giaa’s request, Madhuri agreed to showcase some of her favourite … Continue reading

  • JDJ 5 – Weekend 4

    2012-07-10 08:06:04

    Hey there….enjoy some more pics from the past weekend here  

  • JDJ 5 – Weekend 4

    2012-07-09 08:21:36

    Here are some pics from the past weekend’s episode for all to enjoy….

  • Bags I Like

    2012-07-05 08:46:47

    A bag is the perfect composition of what is practical as well as beautiful. What Madhuri likes: I like medium sized shoulder slings and purses. This is because they are not too big but they still have ample space to … Continue reading

  • Current trends in bags

    2012-07-05 08:26:39

    Animal print bags and snakeskin bags (fake ones) are hot right now.   A basic black purse is a must have all through the year.   Blingy clutches and sling bags are also “in” this season.

  • Bags for every woman

    2012-07-05 07:48:08

    What every woman must have: An individual’s height is an important element when it comes to choosing the right bag. One must also decide which bag to take depending on one’s body build. Women who are short must avoid using … Continue reading

  • Madhuri speaks on Gautam Rajadhyaksha

    2012-07-03 06:43:42

    Here is a great article from VivaGoa. Madhuri talks about cherished moments with the ace photographer, how they brought about those lovely pictures and the bond that they shared.