• Lavani on Jhalak

    2012-10-26 03:00:01

    Madhuri performs the traditional Maharashtrian dance – Lavani for the Grand finale

  • Madhuri on canvas 5

    2012-10-05 11:06:53

    Nautanki   Shouts…..Screams…..deafening thunder….blinding arc lights. Mohini…Mohini…yes Vishwa Mohini is thumping and pounding the earth’s crest. The stage, where her footsteps are to be choreographed is not raised high enough. The multitude of humanity is waiting to mill around her … Continue reading

  • Madhuri on canvas 4

    2012-10-01 12:43:35

    Meryl and Madhuri   How fresh is the memory of this brilliantly structured film. How four days in the life of two strangers turn into a four lifetimes intense relationship. They keep crossing the bridges. They don’t need the bridge … Continue reading