Madhuri Dixit
Acting may have been her calling card, but it is dance that has kept Madhuri Dixit going. The actress, who gave a new dimension to her passion by launching an online dance academy in 2013, says success has now encouraged her to revamp the website.

“We are revamping the website and upgrading the whole system. Plus, we are adding a lot of new elements like heart rate monitor, a combination of dance and exercise to get people to stay in shape and much more. People often ask me how I stay fit and I always say it’s dance. Not everybody thinks that they are dancers and they want to learn dance, but they would love to dance to keep themselves fit.”

Madhuri is extremely happy that the platform has emerged as a “community”. “We realised we could spread the joy of dancing easily via the digital medium and more than 120,000 people are enrolled. Besides, it’s easy ¬†you can be carrying a smartphone always and learning dance at any time of the day and anywhere. It’s a community, really,” says the actress.