After a hectic schedule and two back-to-back releases, it was time for a family vacation. So, this summer, we all decided to take-off to Italy. Warm summer, scrumptious food, incredibly beautiful architecture, and centuries’ worth of history. That’s what was in store for us in Italy. After all, what’s more, important than spending some quality time with your family?


As we landed in a new country, Arin & Ryan were in for a time of their lives. Walking on the cobbled streets of Rome, we reached Portico Octavia. Arin had so many questions about the place. While he went along with Ryan to click some beautiful portraits, me and Ram thought to ourselves how important it is to teach children about different cultures Arin was most excited about visiting the Colosseum. Over breakfast that morning, he told us that he had been reading a lot about the gladiators and the arena on Google. Seeing his enthusiasm, Ryan got excited too. He talked about his plans of building a miniature when we get back home. Mommy dear is proud of the bustling creativity in her son.

There’s nothing more romantic than going for an evening walk along Piazzo Navina with your love. The beauty of the gleaming evening lights around the fountain cannot be described in words. And so, me and Ram, went for a leisurely walk and soaked in the vibes of this  place.

The train ride to Tuscany was perfect; a lot of father-son bonding happened. Sriram shared some interesting facts about Florence, our next destination, with Arin and Ryan. Once there, we visited the Uffizi Gallery− the house to the largest collection of work from the Italian Renaissance era. I fell in love with this place for its curated art. The view from here of the classic Ponte Vecchio bridge is something to behold and cherish. Sriram loves clicking my candid pictures, and here he got the perfect chance to impress us all with his photography chops.

 Along the way, Team Nene also indulged in some lip-smacking food. Learning to make wood-fired pizza and pasta from scratch was the best quality family time we could have asked for that day.

After taking a trip to see Banca Monte deiPaschi, the world’s oldest operational bank, we reached the site of one of the 7 wonders of the world- the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Arin & Ryan couldn’t believe the way it looked. After all, seeing it in pictures as compared to reality was a lot different for them. The excitement was so much that I ended up climbing 259 stairs to the top. And the view from there was, let’s just say, exhilarating!

Someone along the way insisted that we taste Tiramisu, a cocoa-flavored local dessert for sure. So off we went looking for the best place that serves it. And I promise, a spoonful of it to taste along with the mesmerizing view of the Appian Way can create life long memories. And gelatos! We had a lot of gelatos. Because, frankly, you can never have enough of them.

While we came back home filled with so much love and knowledge, our cameras came backfilled with Arin & Ryan’s photography. And about me and Ram? We are still talking about our romantic walks around Piazzo Navina. And so, alas, I am back from gelato and tiramisu to the healthy keto, and now gearing up for the work-life again.